There’s something about lights on a string, clustered together at night-time that has a magical effect. I guess they’re called fairy lights for a reason. Anon

Lighting is by far your most effective component in creating a beautiful event space. Whether that be harnessing natural light through open spaces and clear roofed marquees, or creating moody hues through ornate and romantic pendants, Jamie can best advise. As a trained and experienced Electrician (EC7104) Jamie can help with a lighting plan including placement of pendants, correct load sharing and power requirements to prevent a power failure on the night.

In terms of lighting we offer;

  • creation, planning and installation of lighting plan
  • a range of lighting pendants for indoor purposes
  • external lighting for pathways, illumination of trees and garden features
  • in some cases, custom made installations for lighting and flower arrangements.

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  • Riccard Chandelier image

    Riccard Chandelier

    Riccard Chandelier image

    Riccard Chandelier

    Dijon Chandelier image

    Dijon Chandelier

    Krista Chandelier image

    Krista Chandelier

    Fairy Lights Eagle Bay Brewery image

    Fairy Lights Eagle Bay Brewery

    Fairy Lights Xanadu Winery image

    Fairy Lights Xanadu Winery

    Festoon Lights Arimia Winery image

    Festoon Lights Arimia Winery

    Festoon Lights Wills Domain image

    Festoon Lights Wills Domain

    Festoon Lights Credaro Estate image

    Festoon Lights Credaro Estate

    Festoon Lights Xanadu Winery image

    Festoon Lights Xanadu Winery

    Festoon Lights image

    Festoon Lights

    Festoon Pendants Wills Domain image

    Festoon Pendants Wills Domain

    LED Pool Spheres image

    LED Pool Spheres

    Maluka Light image

    Maluka Light

    Vegas Love Light image

    Vegas Love Light

    LOVE Letters image

    LOVE Letters

    LED Spheres image

    LED Spheres

    3D White Wire Mesh image

    3D White Wire Mesh

    2m Raw Jarrah Plank image

    2m Raw Jarrah Plank

    4m Raw Log image

    4m Raw Log

    Custom Built Hanging Structure image

    Custom Built Hanging Structure

    4m Timber Plank With Pendants image

    4m Timber Plank With Pendants

    6m Timber Plank With Pendants image

    6m Timber Plank With Pendants

    Mirror Ball image

    Mirror Ball

    Enya Single Walnut image

    Enya Single Walnut

    Britt Single Copper Rose image

    Britt Single Copper Rose

    Wagon Wheel image

    Wagon Wheel

    Halo Pendant image

    Halo Pendant

    Rattan Spheres image

    Rattan Spheres

    Sinnerlig Pendant image

    Sinnerlig Pendant

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