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Well, it’s a marvellous night for a moon dance
 with the stars up above in your eyes.
 A fantabulous night to make romance
 ‘neath the cover of October skies. Van Morrison

‘After an afternoon of pomp and ceremony, marriage vows and speeches on your wedding day, there’s nothing better than releasing tension with a boogie on the dancefloor! Outdoor or indoor, we have a selection of dancefloors to enable you and your guests to light up the night with epic dance moves.’

We have a variety of options to get your guest up and moving on.

  • Australian Timber – grass, outdoor
  • Semi-gloss white timber – grass, outdoor
  • Black sparkling – decks, paved, concrete and indoor
  • White sparkling – decks, paved, concrete and indoor
  • Wood look – decks, paved, concrete and indoor
  • Parquetry – indoor


For a full product list, please email us at hello@capeevents.com.au

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  • Australian Timber image

    Australian Timber

    White Timber – coming soon image

    White Timber – coming soon

    White Sparkling image

    White Sparkling

    Black Sparkling image

    Black Sparkling

    Wood Look image

    Wood Look

    Parquetry image


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