Marquees…Size Does Matter!

  • Marquees…Size Does Matter!

    So you want a marquee for your wedding.

    “How much will it cost to have a marquee at my wedding? Thanks

    This is one of the most common emails we receive from newly engaged couples.

    And we get it, because when people start planning their wedding it is usually the first event they have had to organise. It’s not until they get started that they realise the variables involved.

    Marquees come in all shapes, sizes and looks and they take a bit of forward thinking and planning to make sure the marquee delivers what you have envisioned.

  • So why do you want a marquee?

    Perhaps you want a blank canvas because you have a creative flair and you want to show off your talents? Or have you found that perfect venue but they can’t cater to your guests? Or, you know just how fickle weather can be and you don’t want the stress of nasty weather ruining your long awaited wedding that you have been meticulously planning for.

  • So what needs to be considered to ensure you have the right marquee?

    Everything! But the first thing you need to know is SIZE DOES MATTER!

    We will ask you lots of questions to steer us in the right direction. It would be negligent of us if we were to give you a clear roof marquee for a sit down lunch wedding in February.

  • So here are a few questions that we need to consider:

  • Marquees…Size Does Matter!

    Location, location, location

    Where are you planning on putting the marquee?
    If it is a venue in the Margaret River region the chances are, in over the 11 years we have been operating, we have worked there before. We can tell you which way it needs to face, which walls will need to be added because of wind direction and how big you can go. If it is a private property then we will need to do a site visit so we can see what the ground is like, what we have to work with and how we can access the space with our truck to offload everything.

  • It’s a date

    We can be booked 2 years in advance, this isn’t saying that we wont be able to help you but we will always need to check if we have availability. We can also advise on the layout and orientation depending on the weather for that time of the year.

  • Bums on seats

    How many people have you invited? It is best to cater to the maximum number and then we can amend when you have your final RSVP’s. We’re kind of easy like that!

  • Are you being served

    What sort of meal will you be having? Are you planning a roaming cocktail style or a seated meal? Long tables will take up less room but we can also offer you different sized round tables or even square tables that will seat 16!
    Are you having a separate bridal table and how many people will be on that?
    Do you need place for a grazing table or a buffet and don’t forget all those yummy desserts.

  • Forgotten bits

    Let’s be optimistic and say you are going to need a place to put all those fabulous presents! Or somewhere to stand the wishing well.
    Perhaps you are having a desert table or a cake table or even a cheese board for after dinner.
    These will all need somewhere to go so space needs to be taken into account.

  • Dancing

    To keep people off the tables tops it’s always wise to have a designated dance floor.
    Do you want this inside your marquee or outside under lights? Having a dance floor inside can make the marquee feel open and airy and can also double up as a place to host pre dinner canapés speeches or showcase a wedding cake. Obviously, a 6 metre dance floor means a marquee 6 metres longer! While we are talking dancing, where is that music coming from? Do we need to make room for a band or a DJ?

  • Bar

    You are probably going to need one and if you are having one inside, extra space will need to be made. We all know how people love to mill around the bar so you may need to make a bit of space for people to linger and mingle.

  • Layout

    Well, the obvious one is how do you want it to look? But you also need to think about what you would like to have inside, how do you want it to flow for guests moving in and out of the marquee? Do you want them to enter from one end or from the side? Are you having your dance floor in the middle, to one end or will this be outside?

  • Cosy Corner

    A cosy corner with lounge seating, a coffee table, rug and floor lamp might be the perfect spot for some quiet time or somewhere for perhaps elderly guests to sit and chat. Remember, weddings are also times for people who may not see each other very often to come together and catch up.
    It is the social highlight for many!

  • Marquees…Size Does Matter!

    Looking Up – choosing a roof

    If the look you want is of a clean clear roof then you should look no further than Cape Events. Our clear roof marquees are unique, they install in 5 metre bays instead of the standard 3 metre bays. This means less metal infrastructure and more clear canopy.

    A clear roof marquee brings the outside in, but do be aware, it will also create a hot house beneath through the course of the day making it unpleasant for your chosen suppliers completing their installations. We can supply temporary covers to keep everyone cool and to keep your floristry from wilting.

    A white roof marquee is a traditional classic and can be dressed in white ceiling and leg drapes. For something a little different, Cape Events is the only supplier of black drapes. You can create the night inside with twinkling fairy lights shining through the drapes giving you a starry finish.

    It can be easy to start with what colours or particular theme you love. Moody, chic, rustic, boho, romantic, minimalist, monochrome, dazzling! Have a mood board or somewhere to store all the photos you just love and you will start to see what you are drawn to.


  • Marquees…Size Does Matter!

    Let There Be Light

    It’s hard to not picture a marquee roof full of fairy lights. If you are having a cocktail event, fairy lights could be all you need with some added floor lamps or a few feature pendants for a bit of extra ambience. However, if you are having a seated dinner reception then we would advise having extra installations so you and your guests can see what you are eating.

    Consider your venue and what lighting they have there for you. If you’re having an area outside of the marquee you may need some strings of lights to create atmosphere or some additional uplighting of a beautiful tree or nearby vineyards. You may also like to add some lights to an entrance pathway or to the toilets.

    Lighting is extremely important for the overall ambience of your wedding. Getting it just right is critical not just on the night but also for your photographers who are capturing the images for you to cherish for the rest of your lives.

    Jamie is a qualified electrical contractor (EC7104) and as such, takes the safety of his installations very seriously not only using the highest quality electrical fittings but also taking into account load bearing at different venues. The last thing you want is the power tripping out and you are plunged into darkness in the middle of your night with disgruntled caterers and bar staff. If there are any issues at all, Jamie is on 24 hour call.