Light Your Space – The Lowdown On Lighting

  • The most underrated element when designing an event space is lighting.  Yet, it is so critical for setting the ambience of a space.

    We can spend all the money and creative energy we like on beautiful decor and breathtaking florals but if the lighting isn’t on point then it will all seem very underwhelming.

    Lighting is a design element that allows us to reinvent a space to make it truly yours for the night. But don’t be fooled into a “one size fits all” approach. Lighting options are abundant and should complement what your function requires as it moves from day to night.

  • When it comes to designing lighting for an event it isn’t just about having strings of light to see. It’s about function and form, matching to the decor and ensuring what we supply suits the type of event being held.

  • If you want something to be noticed, light it up! Lighting can draw your eyes to a beautiful feature piece.  It can be used to soften a lounge space using floor lamps or an overhead pendant and it doesn’t have to be a symmetrical layout.  We can design what works best for the space and all of the elements that are placed in it.

  • Light Your Space – The Lowdown On Lighting

    It’s important to understand the aspects of lighting an event space. This shouldn’t be an afterthought when planning and it is imperative to have someone who can be trusted to ensure the right equipment and the correct electrical circuit load calculations are used at your chosen venue.

    It’s always best to have a licensed electrician install lighting displays to ensure safety and the proper electrical circuit loading to avoid any mid-event blackouts.  We have Jamie, the other boss, with 25+ years experience in the electrical game (EC7104).

  • Here are some extra tips:

    • Give your lighting supplier as much information as possible. A mood board is great, so we get a feel for your colours and theme.
    • Provide the table layout if seated and highlight what you are bringing to the space – lounges, high bars, dessert bar, beautiful cake to display.  This will also apply to a cocktail theme. Supplying a plan is very useful and helps to design the lighting to suit your overall look.
    • Is there a feature piece you would like to have some beautiful lights installed into or to highlight?  A good lighting specialist can work with your florist and supply many hanging structures that are sized or custom built to your requirements.  (We have an epic 20m piece we often use on our setups!)
    • Lighting is important for the bar area, provide enough light above and behind so staff can see as they work and serve to guests.
    • When choosing your venue it is important that you are aware that not all of them are conducive to having lighting installations.  Some do not have the infrastructure to support your vision and if beautiful lighting is what you visualise we suggest choosing your venue to suit the desired effect you are wishing to achieve. Further things to consider are:
    • Is the dance floor inside or outside? Lighting that provides a beautiful ambience and allows everyone to dance like they aren’t being watched is crucial but this also needs to be adjusted for that first dance photo opportunity.  Too dull and the light just isn’t right for that perfect shot.
    • Is there external lighting at your chosen venue? Often there are rolling vineyards that can benefit from being lit to extend the view at night.


    We do all this and more, so if you’re having an event in down south WA, give us a call 08 9756 6800  or email to chat about how we can light up your event

    Our range is always extending and if you see something we don’t have please let us know….we love shopping!