Interview – Shannon Stent Images

  • I’m a professional wedding photographer living in Cowaramup, a small town in the heart of the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

    My passion for photography and film-making started in the ocean — I have always been fascinated with the sea, and it was my inspiration to first pick up a camera and start taking pictures and making movies.  Over ten years later, I still get the same buzz and satisfaction in capturing Mother Nature in all her glory — one fraction of a second at a time.

    When my two daughters came into this world, I naturally began to develop an interest in photographing people. I tend to take a natural, organic approach to my photography, with a heavy focus on the mood and feeling of the moment. Our photography style is often described as moody and atmospheric. I’m not a huge fan of tradition or following trends, I like to break the rules and I’m always up for the unknown and trying something new and adventurous.

    More recently, my wife Jayde has developed her own passion for documenting weddings, and we now work full time as a husband and wife team.  We love the challenge of incorporating the natural environment into our wedding photography, and the South-West has unlimited locations and opportunities. From the sun-drenched countryside to the beautiful coast near Margaret River, embracing the natural beauty of this wonderful state helps set the mood and provides a wonderful backdrop.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    Do you find that living in the South West provides enough material for you to capture as a photographer? What keeps you living here?

    We have been based in the South West for almost 5 years now, and it really is a wedding photographers dream! Having stared our business in Perth, and photographing weddings as far away as Fiji and New York City, we can honestly say that there is no place like the South West to tie the knot.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    Is your style of photography fluid and evolving or do you have a classical style that makes your work recognisable as being you?

    We have been working really hard over the last few seasons to really dial into our own unique style, and we feel a great sense of satisfaction when future clients are drawn to us and the “look and feel” of our images. We are always evolving and striving to keep things fresh, but we will always stay true to our style and vision.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    What sets apart a hobby photographer and a professional photographer?

    Accountability. As a professional full time wedding photographer, there is nowhere to hide. If you suck, everyone will know and it’ll be game over. It’s brutal. We are so passionate about our work and reputation within the industry and we work really hard behind the scenes to keep on top of our game. It’s more than just taking pretty pictures on a Saturday, that’s the easy part!

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    What would be your dream photo shoot location or subject?

    We have been fortunate enough to spend “wedding weeks’ with lovely couples overseas, this really is the dream scenario. Flexible days in beautiful locations and often relaxed wedding days make for some special memories and beautiful sets of pictures.

    Where is a place that you never tire of photographing?

    The coastline of South West WA hands down! We have some special clifftop scenes and dramatic ocean landscapes that are so perfect for wedding portraits. All you need is a sense of adventure.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    When photographing weddings, how do you find a connection with the people you are capturing?

    It’s really important for us to make sure that our couples are enjoying their special day. We are really flexible and relaxed, which usually allows our clients to feel the same way. When everyone is smiling, the connections come naturally.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    What are the challenges when photographing events with lighting installations?

    Quite often we will arrive at a wedding reception without knowing what to expect in terms of the lighting. Most of the time venues will have quite dark, moody lighting, which can be tricky to photograph. Our aim is to keep the feeling and mood of the moment, but we also need light, so we always come prepared for any situation.

    When photographing people you don’t know well, how do you reveal their true selves?

    Usually before we take any pictures we have met in person or chatted over the phone. We get a good feel for different personality types and try to work accordingly. The most important thing is to recognise the connection our couples have with each other, that is when the magic happens.

  • Interview – Shannon Stent Images

    “Something you will see in the images I capture……”

    This one is difficult to describe, but I think it comes back to our own unique style. One of our most common compliments that we receive is….
    “There is something different about your pictures that we really love, it’s hard to explain but there’s just something about them”