Interview – Photogerson

  • Interview – Photogerson

    Creative and relaxed wedding photographers in Dunsborough and Margaret River.

    Weddings are epic days where you get to marry your best friend, and we want to shoot the kind of photos that we’d like to have from our own wedding.

    Partying with your friends and family. Lots of laughs. Maybe a few tears. And everyone having a blast.

    Your wedding is about celebrating with your favourite people. It’s about feeling great and not being bossed around. We keep things chilled and we’re perfect for anyone who thinks that having their photo taken is super awkward.

    We know when you need space, when you need help, when to step in and when to step back. We’ll be there to make your day look amazing and won’t miss a beat.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    Do you find that living in the South West provides enough material for you to capture as a photographer? What keeps you living here?

    It’s paradise down here! There’s amazing raw coastal scenery, beautiful forests, empty space and an incredible lifestyle. As a photographer, it is an amazing place to live – there’s so many beautiful places to shoot. I love taking my couples on a mini-adventure and showing them what I love about living here. The quiet nature of the region is a blessing too – just around the corner there is always another stunning spot to go explore.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    Is your style of photography fluid and evolving or do you have a classical style that makes your work recognisable as being you?

    We’re always evolving and being inspired by new things. Revisiting locations with fresh eyes, approaching situations with a new idea or angle. The more time I spend taking photos, the more I realise that understanding light is a long process and I learn something new every time I pick up a camera.

    We also really love shapes, geometry and creating minimalist scenes where we can simplify things. It’s cool to approach familiar spots with a different perspective and I hope that shines through in our portfolio.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    What sets apart a hobby photographer and a professional photographer?

    Great question! I think it’s the ability to deliver excellent photos, no matter what. If you value photography and want to preserve your memories of your friends and families, that’s when you should invest in a professional photographer.

    The main difference is about delivering quality over the entire day, from your preparations right through to your reception. It’s about anticipating key moments, having a vision and being able to manage people. Often wedding photography is like a game of chess and we are trying to be a couple of steps ahead of the situation. We also have professional equipment and the expertise that can cope with technically difficult situations where a hobbyist just couldn’t get the same results.

    We’ve been to a lot of weddings and we help out with suggestions and tips that will help with your timings and the flow of your day that all help you have the best experience.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a hobbyist photographer capture your day. But you probably won’t get the same quality of photos. And if curve balls get thrown their way, they may not be able to adapt and continue to create great images like a professional can.

    Professional or not, my tip would be to find a photographer who has a style of photos you like, and to look through several full galleries from their weddings. That way you’ll be able to see what they can create in a variety of situations and over the course of an entire wedding.

    Whether you have a professional or a friend taking your wedding photos, you’ll still be happily married either way. If great photographs are important to you, then we’d recommend having a professional capture your day.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    What would be your dream photo shoot location or subject?

    Any couple that loves our portfolio and trusts us to do what we do is our perfect client. Just focus on having a blast on your day, and let us make the creative decisions. The most important aspect is for couples to understand that great photos are a collaboration, and if they are happy to trust us we can create some magic.

    Where is a place that you never tire of photographing?

    Big open skies, and the coastline around here in the late afternoon. Wyadup is a favourite spot.

    Architecture is a big thing that we love too – playing around with geometry and shapes and quirky backdrops really inspires us.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    When photographing weddings, how do you find a connection with the people you are capturing?

    For us, we always think back to our wedding and that we just wanted to spend time with our friends and family celebrating somewhere beautiful. Weddings are awesome celebrations that bring families and communities of friends together. They are more than just a fancy party and we want to capture the moments that matter. We are fairly hands off when we are photographing weddings, and it’s only for a few short times during the day where will step in and guide our couples with posing and things like that.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    What are the challenges when photographing events with lighting installations?

    We need light! If you’re planning a marquee wedding, a backyard/outdoor wedding or something in a large space like barn or farm shed – make sure you have plenty of light. It can be very difficult to photograph dark receptions. We always recommend getting more lights for reception spaces. It is easy enough for a venue manager to dim the lights in a space if it is too bright. But we can’t lighten a scene that is too dark.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    When photographing people you don’t know well, how do you reveal their true selves?

    We let you be you. Some couples are outgoing, laughing lots and getting crazy. Others are quiet and more introspective. Your photos should reflect who you are and we usually have a fair idea of your vibe and run with that.

    Forming bonds quickly is a bit like speed-dating – we reveal things about ourselves and throw some things out there to try and find connection points and things in common. When we photograph someone who is especially like-minded, we’ll all be drinking beers, enjoying the sunset and cracking jokes. I like those days the best.

  • Interview – Photogerson

    “Something you will see in the images I capture……”

    Couples looking relaxed and natural. Strong scenes and landscapes. We want to take great photos, and not just “wedding” photos. Hopefully we show people a side to themselves they might not have known existed. I love showing couples a few photos on the back of my camera – the confidence they get from seeing how awesome they look is just amazing.

    We really want to surprise and delight our clients with their images. Receiving a gushing email from a couple raving about how much they love their wedding photos is a great feeling.