Interview – Freedom Garvey Photographer

  • Freedom: It is the name given to me by my parents at birth, when I was born out of the freedom of their love…

    I grew up in the North West of Western Australia. Red dirt, desert landscapes & a harsh beauty. It all holds my heart. Now you’ll find me in Yallingup. Next to the ocean, surrounded by bush & it is a stunning contrast to be my inspiration palette.

    I have a husband, Damien & daughter, Lakhari. They take pictures too!

    I love being a visual storyteller. For me it is creating a time capsule of moments to remember the little things.

    I take pictures because honest connections between people tell an incredible story.

    Emotions in genuine moments. That is what inspires me. With lovers who are willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves & be themselves in places that make them smile. It is a reminder of being alive.

    Why? Because moments matter. They don’t always come again. And everyone deserves to have their story told.

  • Do you find that living in the South West provides enough material for you to capture as a photographer? What keeps you living here?

    We are so blessed in this region to have such incredible raw beauty at every turn. My inspiration palette never tires here and I definitely have a lot of gratitude that I get to call Yallingup home.

    I grew up in the North West so being in the country has always been in my blood. It is a contrast now being in the South West which I love equally as much but in different ways. Along with being married to a surfer is another magnet that keeps us attached to this coast line!

  • Is your style of photography fluid and evolving or do you have a classical style that makes your work recognisable as being you?

    I have had others describe my style as a cinematic, documentary & fine art…and I like to think of all that rolled into images portraying authentic & honest connections.

    But like most creatives I know, evolving and continually searching to grow is just a part of who we are. I think the day you feel content & stop striving to improve, change or explore, is the day you’ve lost your creative mojo.

    I love this quote “…An artist has got to be careful never really to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s…somewhere. You always have to realise that you’re constantly in a state of becoming. And, as long as you can stay in that realm you’ll sort of be alright…”

  • What sets apart a hobby photographer and a professional photographer?

    Experience would be the most important thing I would say & that itself comes from photographing full time. Equipment is important but not everything. It is what you bring through years of shooting, sharing hundreds of wedding days and all the big & small moments that come from these experiences.

  • When photographing weddings, how do you find a connection with the people you are capturing?

    Personally I love to develop a relationship with my couples in the lead up to the wedding. Really getting to know each other, so that on the wedding day I can be a comfortable presence for them, so that I can allow them to soak up the magic of their day & not feel like any of their attention is taken away by us. It’s about being a fly on the wall at times, then knowing when to subtly guide, allowing the moments to be documented with authenticity.

  • What are the challenges when photographing events with lighting installations?

    Lighting makes a huge difference to how we can document. I always love weddings that we have worked together on as I know you guys put in so much thought to every aspect of the day. Capturing the atmosphere and mood of the day is all part of our storytelling, so with beautifully considered lighting it does mean especially into the evenings that we can document better images for our couples. If lighting isn’t bright enough or even too bright, it can vastly change how the ‘feel’ of the images can look. The colour temperature of lighting and of course placement, can all change & affect the look. Therefore couples do need to be aware that taking your lighting guidance, like any profession, you are bringing more than just the ‘pretty + practical’ to the day!

  • What would be your dream photo shoot location or subject?

    My heart belongs to Nyamal Country in the surrounds of Marble Bar in the North West of WA. I would absolutely adore to capture an elopement with the creative freedom to explore my favourites pockets up there with a couple that love the land as much as I do.

    Where is a place that you never tire of photographing?

    Without doubt the Pilbara and Kimberley.

    My mentoring work in the remote community of Kalumburu in the East Kimberley with the Kalumburu Photography Collective absolutely fills my heart & keeps the creative tank full working alongside the beautiful community, keen photographers & incredible country. You can see more of my work & the collective’s work on our instagram pages @freedomgarveyphotographer @kalumburuphotographycollective

  • When photographing people you don’t know well, how do you reveal their true selves?

    One of my favourite quotes sums this one up for me…

    ‘…watch carefully the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort to be themselves…’ – Atticus


  • “Something you will see in the images I capture……”

    mood, love and sprinkles of good times! x