Groovin’ On The Dance Floor

  • Outdoors or inside, a dance floor will encourage fun and dancing at all types of events.

    The build up and excitement can be very intense but once the formalities are finalised you can relax, unwind and kick up your heels to your favourite tunes.

    Dance floors help separate different areas of your event and create a focal point in the room.  Many magical moments have been captured on the dance floor and they help to bring an interactive element to your event.

    We have some tips and advice to help you when choosing the right dance floor for your next event.

  • How to get the right dance floor?

    In this paragraph, we are going to list some key questions about how to get the right dance floor.  Firstly, we need some information about your event and venue.  Here is what we need to know:

    • Is the dance floor going indoors or outdoors?
    • What surface is the dance floor to be installed on? Grass, deck, carpet, polished floor?
    • Is there a marquee or will the dance floor be in the open air?
    • Is there direct vehicle access to the install location?
    • What are your full guest list numbers?  The size can be adjusted when all your rsvp’s have come in.

    Secondly, if you have chosen your venue, tell us the name, there will be a good chance we have installed there many times and know the space well.

    In addition, if you are unsure of the space you have available and what will work, we can arrange a site visit.


  • Groovin’ On The Dance Floor

    How to get people dancing?

    We love to dance!  However, it can be very daunting to be the first one to bust a move on the dance floor.  So, how do you get everyone up?

    • Play good music from all genres!  That has to be number one!
    • Dance yourselves!
    • Ask your guests on their RSVP card, “What song can we play that you just HAVE to dance to?”.
    • Choose a DJ or band who matches your personality and someone you are comfortable with.
    • Be clear with your DJ, ban the chicken dance, it’s never, ever a good idea.
    • Be careful with your lighting, don’t make it too bright! Getting the ambience right is essential.
    • Size always matters!  Go with the recommended size for your guest numbers.

    Not everyone will want to dance, and that’s ok!  Some will be happy to stand back and watch the entertainment unfolding.


  • Groovin’ On The Dance Floor

    Pimp it up!

    There are many options available to turn your dance floor into something unique.  Like, for example, custom decals and LED logo projector lights (as seen in the image above).

    Decals have become popular over the years and can be designed using names, a pattern, or, like we have seen, a monopoly board or twister game.  We are lucky enough to work closely with a local signage business who offers various colour options and designs.

    LED logo projector lights have a choice of generic stencils or they can be customised to any design you would like.  For instance, we have a custom stencil of our logo we use for signage at wedding fairs or for when we sponsor fundraisers and events.

    Contact us for more details here.